16 December 2007



As per the decision of the last EC meeting in Delhi, an All India Committee for the release of Political prisoners has been formed in Delhi in a meeting held on 23rd April 2006.

All the state units of RDF are requested to take up the following tasks to take the activities of the Committee in all states where RDF is working.

  1. Form similar committees with the same name if possible in all the states immediately. A prominent democrat can be requested to be the convenor of a state committee. He/she should be active and attend the all India committee whenever a meeting is called for.
  2. Contact as many lawyers and civil rights leaders and activists as possible and request them to be part of the committee. All pro-people organisations who are interested in raising their voice for the release of political prisoners should also be contacted to be part of the state committee.
  3. The name of the committee as indicated in the decisions of the Committee is “Campaign Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners’.
  4. Kindly collect and send the following information:

a) Lists of all political prisoners in your state. This should include political prisoners belonging to other organisations including political prisoners belonging to the Muslim organisations, if any, in your state. You can send the lists or details as and when you collect some without waiting for the full details and can send the rest later.

b) Also send the case profiles and personal profiles of some important political prisoners.

c) Send the details of the common masses on whom cases are imposed for their afflictions with political movement.

d) The details of pending/ ongoing TADA/POTA / CLA cases should compulsorily be sent.

e) Please go through the list of members of the Campaign Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners and contact more people and request them to be part of this. And send their names to the address given for the Committee in Delhi. Also send these names through the email given here.

f) Please consult and include IAPL Lawyers if that organisation is there in your state.

g) Address of the Committee for correspondence for the Campaign Committee

Prof. Nirmalashu Mukherjee

38/2, Probyn Road,

Delhi 100 007

Email address: notoprisons@gmail.com

With revolutionary Greetings,

Yours in struggle,


General Secretary


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