16 December 2007

Press Release

09 December 2006

Condemn the Fabricated Cases Booked
Against the student leader Abhishek Mukerjee!

Stop Repression on the People Struggling Against
the Acquisition of Land in Singur!

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) strongly condemns the arrest of Abhishek Mukerjee, General Secretary of Revolutionary Students Front (RSF), a constituent of RDF, West Bengal on 8th December 2006. Abhishek was returning after attending a public meeting at Jadavpur University. The public meeting was organized by RSF to protest against the repression being let loose by the West Bengal state and its police on the people and organizations struggling against the forced acquisition of the farmers land at Singur in District Hoogly.

The West Bengal 'Left' Front Govt. lead by CPM is bent upon leaving all the doors open for the foreign capital. For the last many years it had been ambiguously opposing the imperialist penetration into West Bengal but actually trying to woo it by saying that it is preparing ground for industrial peace so that the foreign capital may find a conducive ground for huge investments. Now they have started nakedly inviting FDI. As it has been impossible for it to create this "peaceful" social and industrial environment, it is resorting to massive repression against the people who are opposing such projects and the acquisition of land. Now CM, Budhadeb Bhatacharjee, has openly asked the people to stop their resistance.

RSF has been actively involved in opposing this acquisition. As it is well known, this land which is about one thousand acres is being handed over to the Tatas for their small car project.

This meeting was attended and addressed by Medha Patkar convener of National Alliance of Peoples Movement (NAPM), Sujato Bhadra, General Secretary of Association for Protection of Democratic Rights, W.B., Shebendu Das Gupta, Professor Kolkota University and Nabarun Bhatacharji, a well known poet and many others.

Abhishek was picked up along with five other members of RSF and they were taken to Beniapukur police station. While others were let off, Abhishek was arrested and has been charged under sections 120-B, 147, 148, 149, 452 and 427 Cr.P.C.

It is learnt that he has since been taken to Police Headquarters at Lal Bazar and it is feared that he will be tortured in police custody.

RDF unequivocally demands the unconditional and immediate release of Abhishek and upholds the democratic right of people to protest against the anti-people policies of the State.

RDF condemns the repression let loose by the Left Front Govt. of West Bengal against the people who are resisting these pro imperialist policies and projects.

RDF calls on the people to support and participate in the All India industrial Strike on December 14th by observing it in West Bengal as Bangla Bandh. This Bandh is being organized by Gana Pratirodh Manch (RDF) against the West Bengal Govt.'s Industrial, Land and Agriculture policies

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