15 December 2007





Friends and Comrades,

In the continuation of Mumbai Resistance – 2004, we organised an All India Anti – imperialist Convention in Kolkata in the first week of Oct.2004, involving about 200 organisations and some well known intellectuals of the country. The three day convention not only discussed the impacts of imperialist globalization on agricultural community, working class and other sections of the society, but also elected an All India Preparatory Committee , to continue the process of uniting progressive and democratic forces and to fulfill the tasks of Kolkata Convention.

In its first meeting of 7th Oct.2004, the All India Preparatory Committee decided to organise a convention on the role of working class in the movement against imperialist globlisation A four member team was formed to co-ordinate with worker’s organizations all over the country.

The Co-ordination Team met three times, respectively at Patna (Bihar), Raipur (Chattisgarh) and Dhanbad (Jharkhand).The Dhanbad meeting was held on 28th July, 2005 and it was very much successful. It was attended by all the members of the Co-ordination Team, along with some invitees of host and other organisations.

The participants of the meeting were as follows: 1. Vittal Raj (AIFTU, AP), 2. Chandranna (AIFTU, AP), 3. T. Hanumandalu (Telangana Aikya Vedika), 4. S. P. Singh (CMM), 5. Narendra (CCSS- Bihar), 6. Swapan Goswami (SSC- W. B.), 7.Darshan Pal (RDF), 8. Arjun Pd. Singh (RDF), 9. Bachha Singh (Majdoor Sangathan Samiti, Jharkhand), 10. Sanjay Kumar Singh (Rail Majdoor Sangram Samiti, Gaya) and 11. B.P.Rakshit (JPSM,Jharkhand).

In the meeting the dates, venue and the structure of the convention were finalised. It was decided to hold the convention on 16-17th Oct. 2005 at Raipur, Chattisgarh. The convention will have six sessions, in which the following papers will be presented by the representatives of different participating organisations:


1. Impacts of Imperialist Globalisation on Working Class…..AIFTU,AP

2. Imperialist Globalisation and Organised Workers………MSS, Jharkhand

3. Imperialist Onslaughts on Un-organised Workers……… CCSS-Bihar

4. Globalisation and the Plight of Agriculture Workers……APCLC / Panjab Union

5. Impacts of Globalisation on Service Sector Employees and Workers…….SSC, W.B.

6. Role of Working Class in the Movement against Imperialist Globalisation….Common Paper

Any participating organization / individual may present its /his views orally /in written form in any of the session of the convention. Since, in the last session, a common paper is going to be presented on behalf of the Co-ordination Team, other participating organisations can also put forward their perspective of working class movement against imperialist globalization.

In the concluding session, some political resolutions will be taken up and a proposal be moved to make the Co-ordination Team more broad and effective ,by including some new members.

Thus, the Raipur Convention is going to be an important event, so far as its political and organisational content is concerned.

It is to note that in the current deadliest phase of imperialist globalization, the onslaught on different sections of the working class is going to be much more disastrous. The ruling class and the reformist parties are not only following the imperialist policies, but also snatching the hard won legal and democratic rights of the working class. Only the unity of the working class movements, with a clear-cut scientific perspective can put a strong challenge before the ruling classes of India and the capitalist / imperialist forces of the world.

With this perspective, we appeal to you /your organization to join the Raipur Convention and to help in organizing the event, as far as you can.

With fraternal greetings.

Arjun Prasad Singh

(On Behalf of the Co-ordination Team)


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