16 December 2007


Release Revolutionary Leader

Narayan Sanyal alias Vijay alias Prasad


A popular revolutionary leader Narayan Sanyal was lifted by the Intelligence Branch of Police from Raipur on 28th December, 2005.He was abducted in such a manner, which actually exposed once more, the real undemocratic and repressive character of the Indian state and democracy. He was continuously put under illegal police custody for 7 days, violating all the directives of the Supreme Court, given in respect of Arrest and Interrogation of a person. During police custody, Narayan Sanyal had to face many kinds of mental tortures. He was even threatened to be killed in fake police encounter. But when PUCL, PUDR, HRF, RDF and other civil rights and democratic organizations, along with different press and media raised strong voices against this illegal police arrest, the A.P. police, ultimately had to produce him before Kothagudem court of Khammam district in the evening of 3rd January, 2006.Afterwards, he was implicated in several serious cases and sent to Warangal jail.

From the Press Release of CPI (Maoist), it has come to notice that Narayan Sanyal is a senior member of its central committee. He is active in the revolutionary movements of the country since more than 35 years. Following the call of Charu Majumdar, the leader of Naxalbari Peasant Revolt, he jumped into Naxalbadi movement, leaving his Bank job in West Bengal, and continued his journey till date. He went to Bihar to become part of the movement there in 70's and was arrested in 1973. He was kept in various prisons in West Bengal and Bihar till 1978. Inside the jail he led several struggles for the rights of the political prisoners. The post-emergency movement to release the political prisoners, including naxalites forced the Bihar government to release him. He stood steadfast for the unity of communist revolutionaries. Immediately, he jumped into revolutionary movement and his efforts paved way to form CPI (ML) (Unity Organisation). Later, it was metamorphosed into CPI (ML) (Party Unity) which led many heroic struggles in (the then) Central Bihar. He became the Secretary of the Central Committee of CPI (ML) (Party Unity) in 1987. When CPI (ML) (Party Unity) and CPI (ML) (PW) merged into CPI (ML) (PW) in 1998, he became its CC Member. He played an important role in the unity process between CPI (ML) (PW) and MCCI, which merged into CPI (Maoist) in September, 2004. He also became the CC Member of the CPI (Maoist). He is about 68 years old, and in recent years suffering from ill health. He had gone to Raipur on 28th December, 2005 for his medical treatment, when picked by the Police.

As soon as PUCL, Chattisgarh got the news of the arrest of Narayan Sanyal, it put the demand to the government to safeguard his human rights and declare his arrest, immediately. It also sent the massage of his arrest to PUDR, Delhi and other civil rights organizations, along with the press and media. PUDR, Delhi issued an Urgent Appeal and demanded to announce the formal arrest of Prasad (alias Narayan Sanyal). Likewise, Revolutionary Democratic Front also issued An Appeal at country and world level, urging the progressive and democratic forces to come forward to defend the life of Narayan Sanyal. It organized a Protest Dharna in Delhi on 3rd January, 2006 and handed over a Memorandum to the Home Minister and the Resident Commissioner of Andhra Bhavan, demanding the immediate production of Narayan Sanyal before the court. The same appeal was also made by the International League of Peoples Struggle, World Peoples Resistance Forum and others international forums. The press and media also played positive roles by regularly publishing the news of the illegal arrest of Narayan Sanyal. Beside that, his family member filed a Habius Corpus in the High Court of Chattisgarh.

All these efforts forced the police and other government officials to declare the arrest of Narayan Sanyal. They did not succeed in inflicting any physical blow to the ‘most wanted’ maoist leader. At first the Home Secretary, Chattisgarh conveyed the PUCL,Chattisgarh and PUDR, Delhi on 30th December,2005 that Prasad ( alias Narayan Sanyal) had been picked up from Raipur, but not arrested formally. But, when the press people contacted him on 31th December, he refused to confirm the arrest of Prasad. In the meanwhile, the Human Rights Forum of A.P. asked to the Senior Police Officer of AP, who also denied the arrest of Prasad. But later on, one of the officer of AP Police accepted before the UNI that, ‘ The maoist leader has been arrested… and he is healthy’. Then the Chattisgarh Home Secretary also accepted before IANS that, ‘ I have come to know that a 67 years old maoist leader has been arrested, and he is in the custody of AP Police. The Chattisharh government has nothing to do with this matter’. And lastly, the AP Police produced Narayan Sanyal before the press on 3 rd January, 2006 at 3 PM.

The Khammam district S.P. told a blatant lie before the press that, ‘Narayan Sanyal has been arrested from Bhadrachalam town on 3rd January, 2006 at 3.30 AM. The AP Police produced him before the court of Kothagudam, by implicating in case of Arms Act. He was sent to Warangal Jail under 15 days of judicial remand. He has also been implicated in 21 other serious cases, including the cases related with attacks on Chandrababu Naidu, Bastar S.P., Police of Koraput and Jahanbad Jail, and the killing of a Congress leader of Dantewada. Now, the police has started the process of producing the aged and unhealthy maoist leader in the above mentioned cases, pending in the courts of different states. The police of different states are also trying to take him on remand, in the name of enquiry and interrogation. It’s very dangerous for the health and life of Narayan Sanyal to be transferred from one place to another for such dubious purposes.

It is known to all that AP Police is infamous in organizing a cruel repressive campaign against the maoists. They have killed about 200 maoists and their supporters and sent hundreds of them into jails, in the year of 2005 only. A few years back, they had killed three central leaders of CPI (ML) PW in fake encounter, by capturing them from Banglore. Recently, they have also killed a central leader of CPI(ML) Janshakti in the same way. Thus, in the custody and supervision of the AP Police, the life of Narayan Sanyal can never be safe and secured. Specially, when and intensive repressive campaign against the maoist movements of nine states is going on under the Joint Operation Command, directly formed by the central government, it has become a very serious concern to defend the life of Narayan Sanyal. It is to note that under the same Joint Operation, the polit bureau member of CPI (Maoist) Shushil Roy and its central committee member Patitpawan had been arrested in West Bengal, a few months before. They had also been illegally kept and tortured under police custody for 3 days.

Under these circumstances, it is the duty of all the human rights, civil rights organizations and democratic-revolutionary forces to come forward in the defense of the human rights of Narayan Sanyal. They should also put the demand of granting him the status of a political prisoner, before the government.

Finally, we call upon all the progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces to organize a broad-based people’s movement for the release of the popular revolutionary leader Narayan Sanyal.


General Secretary


67-A, Rameshwar Nagar, Azadpur


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